“Under the shadow of the Parthenon” SEVEN DAYS- Kathimerini (ATHENS FESTIVAL-  June 29, 2003) Greek

A century of Film Music” & “From Silents to Sound“ SEVEN DAYS-Kathimerini (FILM MUSIC- November 7, 2004) Greek

The Music of the Passion” SEVEN DAYS- Kathimerini (THE PASSION IN THE MOVIES- May 1, 2005, Greek

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"Alexandros Mouzas - Composer of his time", interview on DIFONO, November 2008

"Contemporary Operas" in, December 2008

«The crisis of Art or the art of Crisis» culturenowmag, #23, winter 2012


Sound Cards II ” POLYTONO- 2010, Greek

Sound Cards I” POLYTONO- 2009, Greek

“Sequencer- A Musical Tool” POLYTONO- 2009, Greek

Computer for Music” POLYTONO- June 2006, Greek

Digital audio and the myth” POLYTONO –August 2006, Greek

Lecture "Extending the possibilities of music theater through hybrid systems of music composition with multimedia"

Extending the opportunies of Music Theatre through hybrid systems of Multimedia Music Composition, in Giorgos Vlastos (ed.), Proceedings of the International Conference: Greek music for the opera and other forms of the performing arts in the 20th century, The Music Library of Greece “Lilian Voudouri”, Athens 2009